Sponge Cake with Passionfruit Icing and Jam and Cream

  • Posted on April 14, 2010 at 6:42 PM

When growing up the Sensible Sisters’ mother used to make a large catering size double decker sponge cake with passionfruit icing and jam and cream. This was her standard plate for ‘bring a plate’ functions. It was always very well received and the size alone made it quite impressive.

Julia: – “I have never really made sponge cakes until recently and how it came about was quite by accident. I was in the  supermarket and was simply going to buy a cake mix to make a really quick birthday cake for my MIL. Miss 5 picked up the Fielders Wheaten Cornflour box (this is important!) and pointing to the picture said ‘Mum, why don’t you make this one. It’s Nan’s favourite’. I asked to see how Miss 5 knew this.  She replied that there had been a sponge cake on a recent grandparent outing and Nan had mentioned it was her favourite. So with this information I reviewed the ingredients and decided I would give it a go”.

“The results were impressive and true to form everyone oohhed and aahhed over the prospect of a sponge for desert. There are few special treats that get this reaction and the only other one I can think of that generates this response is a home made pavlova decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit.”

Julia remembered that the sponge cake that her mother made was the recipe on the back of the Fielders Wheaten Cornflour box.  So, knowing that it was a tried and true recipe, Julia purchased that brand of cornflour and followed the recipe.

Why is it square? The recipe specifies to pour into 2 round sandwich pans. In the spirit of making use of what is to hand which is what the Sensible Sisters are all about, Julia decided that she would go ahead and make the cake square. Whilst Julia owns numerous round cake pans, there are not 2 the same.  When pouring half the cake batter into a pan it is important to pour it into both pans at the same time in order to get quantities correct in each pan.

The Sensible Sisters’ mother used to double the recipe in order to make a large function size cake.  That is she used one quantity of the recipe and baked in a large rectangular baking tray. Then she made another quantity and baked the second baking tray – no guessing or trying to even up the 2 cakes.

Julia split a single quantity of the recipe as per directions. The single quantity makes a nice double sponge that will easily serve 10 people generously, but not seconds!


  • Use fresh passionfruit to make the icing: use 2 passionfruit, 50 grams soft butter, 1 1/2 cups icing mixture and mix together to form a soft icing. If too runny then add a little more icing sugar, if too stiff add a drop of boiling water.
  • Make sure that the jam is warmed in the microwave for 10 or 20 seconds in order to spread easily and not make holes in the delicate sponge surface
  • Use 300 mls fresh cream and whip until soft peaks form, then add 1 tbls icing sugar and a dash of vanilla essence. Don’t spread all the way to the edge as it will squelch out the sides when you place the top layer on it!

Here is a picture of the beautiful sponge cake that Julia made for her MIL’s birthday. Everybody loved it! It might just become a regular at functions attended by the Sensible Sisters…

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  1. christine says:

    shame u didn’t put recipe here

  2. Julia says:

    Stay tuned, recipe will be posted…

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