Baked Rice Pudding

  • Posted on July 31, 2010 at 8:53 AM

There is nothing better than a warming old fashioned dessert on a cold and wet day.

Rice pudding is a good way to use up leftover rice.

A good way to make rice pudding easily is to keep 1/2 cup quantities of leftover cooked rice in the freezer.

Julia’s Family’s Favourite Baked Rice Pudding


600 mls milk (low fat/skim is fine)

2 eggs

1 tbls sugar

1 tbsl honey

teaspoon vanilla essence

1/2 cup cooked rice (short grain is best but Julia just uses what is to hand)

sprinkle of nutmeg – optional, children do not usually like it


Whisk together all ingredients except rice

Grease a round oven safe casserole dish and sprinkle rice over bottom of dish

Pour over milk and egg mixture

Place into a cold oven and set temperature to 150 deg C – doing it this way you don’t need to use a water bath to stop the custard curdling

Allow anything from 45 mins to cook- if too runny leave a bit longer, keeping an eye on it. Centre can still have a slight wobble and it will set as it cools


Baked Rice Pudding

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  1. [...] Julia’s DD loves rice pudding. Until recently though, it was bought rice pudding in the little tubs from the supermarket refrigerator that she liked and not Julia’s homemade baked rice pudding. [...]

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