Sensible Sisters' Anti-Lavender Stance…

  • Posted on July 8, 2010 at 6:10 AM

Lavender is a very pervasive fragrance. Especially the synthetic variety which is so prevalent at the moment in all sorts of cleaning products from washing powder to toilet cleaner and disinfectant to hand wash. One can even buy lavender scented products to use on his or her person…

The Sensible Sisters do not like the lavender fragrance.

The Sensible Sisters feel that the only place for lavender is in a cottage style garden. They can tolerate the fresh lavender plant in the garden but that is where the tolerance ends. They would never harvest lavender for use in their homes.

Funny story: a friend of Rowena’s purchased an expensive tube of lavender scented hand cream. Rowena had to tactfully point out to her friend that lavender is a fragrance that would not do her friend any favours. It is not a scent that many people find attractive to smell on another person, hence the proliferation of lavender cleaning products mentioned previously and why you cannot just buy Eau De Lavender as a perfume.

There are many other more pleasantly scented products that one can use. For example, the Sisters feel that pine is a more appropriate fragrance for disinfectant. Washing powder does not need to be lavender either. The Sisters both prefer to use a quality washing powder with a fresh but non-identifiable scent. They want their clean clothes to retain a fresh fragrance without smelling of something identifiable.

If one is particularly partial to lavender, the Sensible Sisters respectfully suggest that it is used in limited quantities only in the interest of others who may be sensitive to its pervasive scent.

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