Sensible Sisters Sage Advice – 10 Tips

  • Posted on July 6, 2010 at 6:30 AM

Here are a few every day tips that each sister uses to make life a bit easier. The sisters do have different methods and will discuss and share what works for them.

Julia: – “I like to freeze meals  in a a large Snap Seal bag. You can write in black  permanent marker what the meal is and the date it was made.  The bags freeze flat so you can stack quite a few on top of each other. You just pop the flat frozen meal in your fridge and it will defrost over night or during the day. Pour into a covered casserole dish and bake in oven. These are also excellent to take camping frozen in the esky.”

Rowena: - ”I use baking paper for every thing! If someone said that I could not purchase this product any longer I would be really upset. I use this to line the pasta bake, lasagne, macaroni and cheese basically any tray I put in the oven I use this to line the tray. It makes washing up so easy”.

Julia: – “I use dish washing powder instead of tablets in my dishwasher. The dishwasher repair man told me that the first thing he tells people when he makes a service call is to swap to powder if they are using tablets. Apparently the tablets contain too much detergent and rinse aid which causes the machine to have to work harder than it should. I used to use the tablets all the time and then swapped. It is also much cheaper. I use an old air tight Tupperware container with a small scoop to store my powder making it easy to use when needed.”

Rowena: – “When you place a vase of flowers on the table don’t fill the vase with too much water. This way the stems don’t go slimy and the flowers will last much longer.”

Julia: “I hang the lunch order bags and a canteen price list in my pantry cupboard.  I also keep a black Texta on a ball of blue tack with these items.  Miss 6 is practicing her writing so I also have a lunch bag already written with her standard order so she can copy this when she is writing her own lunch order.

Rowena: “Garage Sales – try not to stop and have a ‘poke around.’ You will inevitably buy more items you think you need and all you will be doing is replacing the items you have just taken to the charity shop. Don’t even stop and look.”

Julia: “This is not very original but it does work to help reduce bringing packaging into your home. I try to keep a stack of green bags in my boot for grocery shopping. When I’m unloading and stacking the items away I put the green bags back in the boot. As easy as this sounds this last step is key. If the bags are in the  boot you are more likely to remember to use them. There is no point keeping them in your kitchen because you will forget to take then when you go shopping.”

Rowena: ” I have a constant Op Shop pile on the go. I use an old shopping bag – usually one of the cardboard types that stands up. As I’m cleaning and sorting, I put items that I no longer want in the bag. If at the end of the  month I have not used or missed any of the items then they stay in the bag and go to the local Op Shop. Very rarely do I retrieve any item from this bag. I then make one stop at the end of the month”.

Julia: – “I make school lunch for my 3 children 4 days of the week and allow a lunch order once a week.”

Rowena: – “I re-use the fruit and veg bags in my small bathroom bin. I try and avoid using these bags when purchasing fruit and veg but for items like beans there is no other choice.”

Feel free to let us know what you do in your house and what you find works well for you. As always, we would love to hear from you.

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2 Comments on Sensible Sisters Sage Advice – 10 Tips

  1. Jannine says:

    Why not try some Fregie Bags instead of plastic bags for things like beans. You can keep them in your handbag or car and they weigh next to nothing.

    They are an Australian product designed by two Australian Girls and you can use them for many other things. Do away with the plastic bags and keep your vegies fresh because they breathe and don’t make the veggies sweat. Website is:

    These are great and I have a few sets.

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks for your suggestion Jannine.

    I have looked at the Fregie Sacks and I really like the idea of them. I will order a set of them.

    Anything that reduces the amount of plastic consumed is helpful.

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