What don’t you use in your kitchen?

  • Posted on July 25, 2010 at 5:28 PM

We all have those appliances that we have purchased with the best of intentions and thought ’oh what a good thing – I would use that all the time!’

Rowena:- ” You tend to only do this once or twice and it makes you seriously consider any kitchen appliance that you intend to purchase.

I bought a very expensive juicer that you can put a whole apple in the chute without the need to cut it. I live in a unit so space it at a premium and this thing takes up half of the bottom pots and pan cupboard. I never seem to use it as it takes up the whole kitchen bench when out and is messy to clean. I also find juicing fruit quite expensive as you need about 6 pieces to make 1 juice.  The irony is that I quite often buy a fresh juice when I am out as I cannot be bothered with the home juicer.”

Julia: - “I am quite happy with my appliances.

I did at one stage have an extra crock pot that I did not need so I sold it on Oztion.

I do have a rice cooker that I tend not to use as I prefer to cook my rice on the stove using the absorption method. One thing I have noticed lately in the supermarket is packet recipe mixes that are for specific, single-purpose appliances – rissotto mixes for rice cookers and casserole mixes specifically for slow cookers. I do not tend to buy packet mixes with the exception of taco seasoning and beef stroganoff casserole base.

I recently purchased a bench mixer and am in two minds as to whether to donate my hand mixer to the op shop. I think I will as I also have a food processor, blender and stick mixer! In typing this I have just realised that I really do not need to keep my hand mixer…

I am in the process of fairly major de-clutter of my kitchen. I will not be buying any further appliances until I need to replace something that no longer works. Failing that, I will be ruthless and follow the rule of if something new comes in then something old must go out. Hopefully that way I will not end up with my kitchen cupboards out of control!”

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2 Comments on What don’t you use in your kitchen?

  1. Karen says:

    Fantastic site Ladies!
    I sold all my surplus appliances once I bought a thermomix.
    I wouldn’t be without it now.
    Best wishes,

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks for your kind comment Karen.

    I have heard of the thermomix. I will have to do some research… Sounds impressive – from what I have heard it does everything in the kitchen except the washing up!

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