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  • Posted on August 2, 2010 at 7:19 AM

The Sensible Sisters remember when they were growing up their mother often talked about the ‘Present box’…

Rowena:- “It wasn’t really a box at all but just some small gifts kept in the corner of the linen cupboard. The items she had were usually quite small such as soaps and hankies. I don’t have children so I usually just buy little kiddie gifts as I need them, however if I am shopping or at the markets I may see something that takes my interest and I will buy it and put it in the hall cupboard. Be warned if you are not organised you can forget about such small gifts and find them randomly when you next clean up. You have been warned…”

Julia:- “In trying to de-clutter, my present box has become somewhat depleted. I did find that I would have a rather large stash of good kiddie presents that I would forget what I had when a party invitation came home. Currently I am using a combination of present box presents and shopping as the occasion arises.”

Rowena’s Top 4 presents to keep on hand:

  • Nice quality soap – I buy this from the boutique gift shop in my suburb
  • Reusable shopping bags – not ‘green bags’ from the supermarket but more ‘up-market’ designer type folding ones (see below)
  • Bubble blowing mixture – good for either a boy or girl
  • Bottle of wine red or white

Rowena: – “I often buy a case of wine from a wine club and keep on hand at home. Me and my fiance belong to three different clubs. This may sound excessive but what I find is that they all have specials at different times and if one does not have a special on at a particular time then another will. I buy a mixed case of red white and sparkling. I keep this in my wine rack and find this is a great time saver if you are going out to dinner you just take a bottle from home or if you want a quick host gift just select something nice from your wine rack. I have 2 small racks one holds 10 and the other holds 6. I find that this provides a good selection when required. I also keep some non-alcoholic sparkling in my rack.

I also recommend if you are purchasing any type of shopping bag for a gift that it is a good quality one. There are many folding ones on the market that are small and can be put in your handbag. I did purchase a no name brand bag and used it once. The outcome was a bit embarrassing. I had been at the beach so I had all the usual beach items in my bag – sunscreen, towel and a change of underwear. The bag broke at the bottom and all the items fell out on display for all to see. Very embarrassing. So my tip is do not buy a bag from a cheap shop as in this instance you get what you pay for.”

Julia: – “Like many things my present selecting and purchasing is a bit different to Rowena’s. I have been known to buy 6 Barbie dolls at one time because they were drastically reduced. This may sound like a lot in one purchase but with 3 girls of varying ages these were a good back up to have in the cupboard for birthday parties.”

Cards and Wrapping

Rowena - “Cards and wrapping can be like the present box. If you are not organised and disciplined with this then it can become a crazy mess. I usually buy Silver or Gold wrapping. You can use this for all occasions; birthdays, engagements, weddings or any other reason. I usually have a small supply of blank notecards that can be used for any unplanned occasion. I am also really careful with recycling paper and gift bags. If it is something really nice then I will reuse. If not I put it straight in the recycling bin otherwise this is just another way of accumulating bunge.”

Julia: - “I agree. I don’t recycle any wrapping paper. I remember as a child opening presents very carefully so that I could save the wrapping paper. I am not sure what happened to any of it… The only thing I may keep now are any nice gift bags. I often shop online and have the present delivered directly to the person. This does mean that it may not be wrapped in nice fancy paper, although many sites do offer gift wrapping for a cost.”

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