A sensible way to deal with bills and other paper…

  • Posted on December 11, 2010 at 5:49 AM

Not very festive but nevertheless, the bills must still be paid at this time of year!

Even with the technology we all have in our homes now, many people still seem to struggle with paper clutter of all types.

Bills seem to be one of the things that cause the most consternation.

One way to reduce the amount of paper bills is to change to paperless billing options where possible, receiving instead email bills or a notification to login to the current bill which can then be accessed and paid online.

Julia’s preferred way of drastically reducing paper clutter for those bills where there is no option to paper is to make use of the scanner.


  • when you receive a bill, using bpay, schedule bill to be paid on or before due date
  • decide how often you are going to deal with paper bills etc – don’t leave it too long!
  • set aside bill until next ‘paper day’
  • scan and save, keeping an electronic copy
  • shred paper bill
  • decide on a system for keeping those few important papers that cannot be scanned and shredded
  • enjoy you new much reduced paper clutter!
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