Homemade Christmas Bon-Bons

  • Posted on December 23, 2010 at 7:33 AM

Christmas Bon-Bons are very easy to make at home…

Rowena: “Every year I always say I’m going to make these. Before I know it I’m buying a pack of 10 and putting them in my shopping trolley….

The fun of cracking the Bon-Bons is shortly lived when you read the cheesy joke and look at the disapointing plastic prize and then you end up throwing the hats, jokes and usually the prize in the bin.

This year I have put a little extra effort and made a more personalised version of a chrismas classic with a somewhat pleasing result. They look fantastic!

Now I cannot say exactly what prizes I have used because it will ruin the suprize. But what I have tried to do is select small interesting items that certain people will like. I have put a limit of aprox $2 per prize some cost less. Once you start thinking about what small item you could inculde you will be suprised at what ideas you think of. The slightly random selection of prized just adds to the fun. The only criteria I had was the prize should be an item that can be eaten or taken home to use. The prize should not be disposable but consumable is fine. I did not include hats in mine.”

Steps for making Bon-Bons

  • Buy a pack of Bon Bon snaps (mine had 12 snaps and cost $2.99 from a large craft shop)
  • You will need 12 toilet roll inserts or as I also did cut a rectangle out of cardboard and roll around the gift (this means you are not so limited in the size of the gifts that you select)
  • Print out some jokes - just google christmas jokes and then edit as you see fit. Wrap the joke around the gift then put inside the cardboard roll
  • Tape snap onto outside of cardboard roll
  • 1 roll of wraping paper - cut rectangles of paper and then roll arond the cardboard tube
  • Ribbon, string or decorative cord to tie the ends

Rowena's Homemade Christmas Bon-Bons

This is very easy to do a little bit of planning and thinking about the prizes makes it all the more fun. This is a little bit of a fiddle and not an activity to leave to the last minute but the results will look lovely on any festive table or tree…

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