Back to school…

  • Posted on January 28, 2011 at 7:27 AM

As the school year is about to start, it is definitely time to take stock and finish any outstanding jobs that need to be done before next week.

  • School shoes: on the advice of a helpful staff member at their family’s favourite shoe shop, Julia has always preferred to buy school shoes in December. The reasoning is that the shoe shops get their stock for the new year in December. Realistically, your child’s feet are not going to grow substantially in the one month before school goes back. In order to get the best choice of style and fit, you need to get in early. This is particularly true if your child has feet that are narrower or wider than the average. This is when it is important to be fitted for school shoes at a specialty shoe shop. Julia has never begrudged paying for a premium brand of school shoes. Even in the absence of foot problems children spend a lot of time in their school shoes. Quality school shoes and sneakers for sport are essential.
  • School uniforms: these need to be well and truly ready to wear. Inspect for any holes and see if any hems need to be taken up or let down. Do you have enough socks and undies?
  • Lunch boxes: there is a vast array available. Cooler bags are popular and many supermarkets have a good range at this time of year. Stainless steel drink bottles are a good option for the water bottle. Julia has stocked up on wraps and has asked her DD’s to think about choosing some sandwich fillings and lunch box fillers…
  • Stationery: do you have enough pens, pencils, scissors and glue etc? Get what you can before school goes back and leave the books until you have the list from your class teacher.
  • Odds and ends: Julia has just finished scrubbing mould off a school hat. DD has no idea how it came to be wet enough to grow mould. ┬áJulia is just glad it was found now and not on Monday morning. That would not have been a good start to the year…

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